NEW YORK, NY (CBS) – What’s the perfect age? 18? 21? 30?

Not even close. According to a poll from Harris Interactive, the perfect age is 50. Or, to be more precise, the perfect age gets older as we do.

The research, which surveyed 2,242 adults online in July 2013, revealed that most Americans would want to stop time when they were about 50 years old – still in good health and able to work, but old enough to be settled in life and financially secure.

Interestingly, as survey respondents got older, so did their perfect age; 50 was just the overall average of all the age groups surveyed. Echo Boomers, or those between 18 and 36, said the perfect age was 38, while Generation X-ers (37-48) felt 49 was ideal. Baby Boomers (49-67) thought 55 was perfect, and those over 68 thought 67 was a good age.

Another interesting point: While both Republicans and Democrats agreed the perfect age was 53, Independents said their perfect age was 46.

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