By Todd Quinones

SWEDESBORO, N.J., (CBS) – A pig on the run is hogging the spotlight in South Jersey.

Students in Swedesboro and Woolwich Township adopted the two-month-old as its school mascot – but it took off!

Now Angel Ekpo’s lost pig is generating quite the buzz.

He’s made the front page of the local paper after being spotted roaming around South Jersey for nearly two weeks.

Ekpo and two of her fellow senior classmates at Kingsway Regional High School in Woolwich Township decided it would be a good idea to buy the piglet from a farm and make it an unofficial school mascot.

“We figure the school’s principal and assistant principals would eventually be like ‘oh this is a cute idea,’” classmate Cassandra Hagstoz said.

But the makeshift pen they built couldn’t keep this little piggy contained.

He jumped the pen.

“I went to reach for its legs and its butt and it just got away. I started screaming ‘Shane the pig got out,’” Ekpo said.

First called ‘Dubbs’ the missing pig now has a Facebook page started by someone else, who named the pig ‘Kevin Bacon.’

The page had close to 300 likes, but no one has been able to catch him despite seeing him several times throughout the area.

The plan was to keep the pig at a friend’s farm.

Despite the light-hearted fun, the kids are getting a little worried especially after hearing about some inaccurate rumors.

“There were reports he was hit by a car,” Hagstoz said.

Now the kids are hoping this little piggy runs all the way home.