PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The deadly shooting at the Washington Navy Yard has prompted action at local military facilities.

At the Naval Support Activity in Northeast Philadelphia, the security is tight and the atmosphere is solemn.

Employees tell Eyewitness News the mood inside is gloomy after learning about the shooting in Washington. Now security has increased.

It’s common to see guards outside of the support center, but today, they are more equipped and more armed.

There are about 1,500 employees at this location and one staff member tells me anyone who’s entering the gates are being thoroughly checked due to the heightened security.

At the Philadelphia Navy Yard in South Philadelphia, a similar seen is playing out. Eyewitness News talked with an official there who says heightened security measures were put in place immediately after learning about the shooting in Washington. There are about 2,000 employees at the Navy Yard. The buildings have been secured, but officials can’t give me any details on what exactly is being done to keep the area safe.

Most of those working at the Philadelphia Navy Yard are civilian engineers. With the close proximity to the Washington Navy Yard, many employees do travel back and forth from there.  But officials would not confirm if any Philadelphia employees were at the Washington Navy Yard today or if any of them were on the way, being asked to turn around and return to Philadelphia.

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