By Lynne Adkins

By Lynne Adkins

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Finding out you have cancer is life altering, and it doesn’t get any easier telling your kids or grandchildren.

Always be honest.

Children can tell when somethings wrong according to Dr. Lynn Bornfriend a psychiatrist at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Philadelphia.

Cater it to their age, preschool children need to be told you’re sick in simplistic terms.

“Little kids worry about contagion they’re big on germs, so you have assure them it’s not contagious, they can still hug and kiss, and they’re also very worried about who is going to take care of them.” Bornfriend said.

Older kids may want to get involved and help out.

Assure them you will be fighting the disease and explain side effects, so they understand why your hair is falling out, should that occur.