By Matt Rivers

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J., (CBS) — Business owners along the boardwalk in Atlantic City expressed disappointment Sunday over what some called a ‘missed opportunity’ during the Miss America ‘Show me Your Shoes’ parade on Saturday.

The nationwide Miss America competition returned to Atlantic City this weekend, with the final part of the competition taking place Sunday night.

City officials had promised an economic windfall for the shore town–at least $30 million in direct revenue, with another $12 million in indirect revenue, according to officials.

Business owners along the boardwalk were understandably pleased with those figures, and were especially looking forward to the parade on Saturday, as thousands flocked to the boardwalk.

But the boardwalk’s famous rolling seats appeared to have gotten in the way of profits.

Video given to Eyewitness News shows the chairs lined side-by-side, along the parade route and in front of many businesses, creating a defacto wall between the parade route and the storefronts.

People were able to rent the seats to watch the parade.

“These seats essentially blocked people from coming into my store,” said Esam Hussin, owner of Three Brother’s Pizza.  “We waited all year for this day, and these chairs killed my business for the day.”

Hussin and several others spoke to CBS 3 and said in previous years the chairs had been lined up on the ocean side of the boardwalk.

“Why didn’t they just do that again or even let us know about the change,” said Hussin.

City officials could not be reached for comment Sunday.

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