By Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – For the men and women who serve our country, sometimes when the war is over, a battle begins.

Albert Ciardi, the Philadelphia lawyer who started the Military Assistance Project, points out that because of bureaucracy, it may take a year for returning veterans to get their benefits for urgent care needed to treat the effects of war. In that time, many are victims of predatory lending.

“You can drive down to any military base, and before you enter that base, you will see signs for title loans and payday loans for little shots on the side of the road. They will charge you 300%-500%, and then they will take your car, and they will take your paycheck and it’s unconscionable that they are allowed to be right there, and that they’re targeting families of people serving our country,” Ciardi said.

Attorney Ciardi joins State senator MIke Stack, a veteran and the director of the Military Assistance project in examining how this legal based effort is helping veterans cope with the battles after the war when we join you for Voice of Reason on TCN at 9:30 tonight.

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