By Brad Segall

By Brad Segall

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — More than a decade in the making, Montgomery County, Pa. has broken ground on a project that county officials say will alleviate traffic congestion in the Norristown-Plymouth area and lead to revitalization in the county seat.

Extending Lafayette Street has been in the planning stages since 2000, when the first federal dollars were locked up.  Now, thirteen years later, the first phase of construction that will link Lafayette Street with Conshohocken Road is about to begin.

The new corridor is designed to alleviate congestion on Ridge Pike and Main Street and encourage development in Norristown.

“With this project the probability for the success of this community and the revitalization of this community has jumped off the scale,” says municipal administrator Crandall Jones.

County officials say the project will also open up Norristown’s underutilized riverfront area.

This phase of the project will take about 15 months to finish, at a cost of $11.5 million. Future phases will extend into 2017.

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