By Steve Tawa

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — An online reputation management firm,, has moved its headquarters to the Curtis Center in Philadelphia from West Chester. The tech company wants to dip into the young talent pool in Center City, and enhance its image too.

America’s love affair with magazines began with Curtis publications back in the 1890’s, and the building bounded by Independence Hall and Washington Square Park is‘s new corporate headquarters.

“Publishing, by at least some arguments, was born here,” says President Mike Zammuto.

Zammuto says they help clients – businesses and individuals – fix their online images through search engine optimization.

“We’re a big part of what we think is 21st century publishing,” he says. highlights the positives, and creates other sites that push damaging references off the first pages of search results.

“At the base of it,” Zammuto says, “it’s about taking some control back about how you’re represented online.”

Mayor Michael Nutter was delighted to hear that the young company expects to add more than 100 new jobs this year.

“We talk about start here, stay here and grow here,” Nutter said.