By Pat Loeb

By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The weather cooperated for Philadelphia’s 8th annual “Greenfest,” in Headhouse Square Sunday.

CBS radio and the Clean Air Council teamed up to throw the region’s largest environmental festival.

Lauren and Mark live in the Headhouse area and were delighted to discover the festival outside their door:

“It’s a really kind of nice community bonding experience,” Lauren said.

“And we needed a zip car,” Mark added. “We actually signed up for a zip car. We’re ditching our car tomorrow.”

Score one for Greenfest!

The goal is to help people live more sustainability, whether in large ways like going car-less or small ways like ditching plastic bags.

The company SCA was giving away reusable shopping bags to anyone who posted a green idea on their display board — ideas like putting composting bins in school cafeterias, using mass transit or using cloth diapers.

Another option was signing up with Community Energy to get your electricity through wind and solar power.