By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The long summer of discontent is over, and football is here. I feel like we celebrate the return of football like 75 times a year, but this is really it. It’s not mini-camp or the start of training camp or the preseason or the draft, it’s actually football.

I’d like to thank the Phillies for giving us something to pass the time with over the summer.

With that, the top five stories of the week.

5. Lebron James Has A New Sitcom Set In Philadelphia

It took about nine seconds for someone to ask the question on Twitter, after I posted this story.

“What are the chances Lebron falls in love with Philadelphia and wants to come play here?”

None, no chance. Zero. Zilch. This is proof that he knows Philadelphia exists though.

4. Cary WIlliams Got In A Fight With Riley Cooper

Cary Williams sure is fiery isn’t he?!

Too bad he’s not that good at playing cornerback.

3. Danny Watkins Gets Released

The story of Danny Watkins goes like this:

Danny Watkins didn’t like football that much. Danny Watkins collected a big check. Danny Watkins is probably a pretty decent guy but man oh man did he stink. Fin.

2. Football Fans Are Shame Eaters

So emo, NFL fans are.

The story goes like this: a study says that fans of NFL teams eat more, and more poorly, when their favorite team loses. This is frightening, because I’ve seen how NFL fans eat when their teams win, and it isn’t all fruit, vegetables and tall glasses of water.

I can say this: if this is true in Philadelphia (and signs point to yes), there’s no way our hearts or waistlines can survive another 4-12 year. Save us, Chip.

1. Eagles Radiothon Raises $183,000

The Eagles Youth Partnership is an incredible organization, full of incredible people who do incredible work.

It was another year of success for the Radiothon, and everyone at 94WIP is proud to be a part of it.

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