By Walt Hunter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – As the first anniversary of Officer Brad Fox’s murder, September 13, 2012, draws near, his widow Lynsay along with his mother and father share their story of pain, courage and triumph in an exclusive one-on-one interview with CBS 3’s Walt Hunter.

Officer Fox, a decorated Marine veteran, who served tours in Iraq and Fallujah, was a five-year veteran Plymouth Township officer, gunned down chasing a career criminal fleeing a hit-runaccident.

Through tears and smiles, Fox’s family remembers their hero, Lynsay describing her husband, killed on the eve of his 35th birthday, as “totally selfless, with a heart of gold.”

Kadence Fox, now 15 months old, clings close to a Daddy Doll, with her father’s image on it. Lynsay, expecting the couple’s second child at the time of the murder, gave birth to a son, Brad Jr. in March.

“I think that’s the hardest thing, that I didn’t get a chance to see him being a dad,” Lynsay reflected.

The family thanked all those who have given so much support through the agonizing year since Officer Fox’s death.

Lynsay revealed that Officer Fox and his best friend, fellow officer Gerry DeSantis, had made a pact that they would care for each other’s families if anything happened to them. DeSantis and his wife, Lynsay explained, have never left the family’s side for a moment since that night.

“I’m his dad, he (the killer) took someone from me that no one can give back,” said Tom Fox, the officer’s father.

“Nick,” Officer Fox’s K-9 partner, at his side the night he was gunned down, is now part of the Fox family, providing protection and healing, as recovering from wounds he suffered.

“As soon as I go to bed his paw is on my shoulder,” Lynsay explained as “Nick” curled up next to her.

“This is my last piece of Brad other than my kids and I can’t imagine him being anywhere else but here,” she said.

On Friday, September 13th, a memorial to Officer Fox will be dedicated at the site where he was killed in ceremonies honoring the fallen hero.

Meanwhile, Lynsay and Brad’s mom and dad say they often feel the presence of their loved one around their home.

“It’s nice to have little things that may you smile and say,”that’s Brad’. It reminds me that he’s always here, I don’t doubt he’s with us all the time.”

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