6:10 Mayor Michael Nutter was a target yesterday at a number of Labor Day parades in the city.

6:13 The parking lot of a BJ’s in Springfield flooded during yesterday’s heavy rains.

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6:44 President Obama decided to seek congressional authorization before launching a military strike against Syria.

Barack Obama (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Barack Obama (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

7:10 Chris talks to Michael Bronstein and Jeff Roe on a special Tuesday edition of the Monday Morning Matchup about President Obama’s decision to seek congressional approval to strike Syria.

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8:10 Chris talks to Phillies Broadcaster Larry Andersen about the series in Chicago and last night’s win over the Nationals.

8:40 Chris talks to Dick Yuengling of the Yuengling Brewery about his thoughts on unions and Governor Tom Corbett.

9:44 An Inquirer editorial says unions need to reflect on their demands,

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