By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Philadelphia Honey Fest happens this weekend, including Saturday at the Wyck Historic House in Germantown and Sunday at Bartram’s Garden.

Keep kids busy making a beeswax candle or a bee costume, while you learn ‘How to Plant Your Bee-Friendly Garden’ at the Wyck on Saturday. Then buy plants on Sunday at the sale at Bartram’s to welcome pollinators to your garden next spring, and enjoy all the other goings-on too.

At both places, the Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild will open hives so you can see inside, show you how they extract the honey – and even let you help.

Honey can also be intoxicating, and you can learn how to make a honey liquor called mead, or honey beer – and adults can taste some too! If you brew some at home, bring a sample for an expert evaluation.

And don’t miss the man wearing a beard made entirely of live honeybees and perhaps more importantly, see how he gets them off!

Lots of fun stuff for this weekend no matter the weather, the Philadelphia Honey Festival goes on rain or shine!