6:11 President Obama spoke yesterday in front of the Lincoln Memorial on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.

6:15 President Obama also addressed potential military actions against Syria.

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6:40 Chris revisits yesterday’s interview with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

7:11 The Corbett is administration is arguing that gay marriage licenses issued in Montgomery County are invalid.

7:15 New Hope Mayor Larry Keller has declined to perform same sex marriages.

7:26 Fast food workers are set to walk off the job in several cities today in an effort to get higher wages.

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7:41 Residents of Center City are upset with union protesters blasting babies crying outside of a hotel renovation.

7:50 Cancer patients in Great Britain have a worse chance of surviving than in any other developed country.

8:10 Chris talks to writer Lisa DePaulo about her article in Philadelphia Magazine on the death of high profile attorney Chuck Peruto’s girlfriend.

9:10 Chris talks to Comedian Tom Segura, who will be performing at Helium this weekend.

9:26 Despite believing in gay marriage, the mayor of New Hope is honoring the laws in place.

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9:39 In the New Jersey Senate race, Steve Lonegan said Corey Booker is being ambiguous about his sexuality in order to get the gay vote.