PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – In June, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie professed his love for the Dallas Cowboys. On Monday, he dug an even deeper hole with anyone who is a Philadelphia sports fan.

Christie was a guest host on WFAN’s Boomer and Carton show, sitting in with former WIP host Craig Carton.

“Drop the call,” Christie said when a caller from Mount Laurel, NJ said he was a Phillies fan. “If there’s any team, that I hate almost as much as the Yankees, it’s the Philadelphia Phillies.” Christie is a Mets fan, who also spent a good portion of the program making his disdain for the Yankees known.

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“I’m just loving watching what [the Phillies] are doing this year,” Christie said. “What they did to Charlie Manuel was a disgrace. Disgraceful. They should have let him retire at the end of the year. Give the guy… he won one of your two world championships in 120 years. I’m no Charlie Manuel fan, but you know what? you treated the guy disgracefully. To fire the guy? It was awful, he didn’t deserve that, and he would have retired at the end of the year anyway.”

And as for the guy who did the firing?

“Ruben Amaro is an awful general manager,” Christie said.

Listen to Christie go off on the Phillies:

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