6:11 The Missouri rodeo clown banned for wearing a mask of President Obama spoke publicly for the first time.

6:45 Mayor Michael Nutter is angry at Philadelphia’s teachers union for television ads they are running against him.

Michael Nutter (Photo by Bill McCay/Getty Images for Amtrak)

Michael Nutter (Photo by Bill McCay/Getty Images for Amtrak)

6:57 Mika Brzezinski is upset by Miley Cyrus’ performance at MTV’s video music awards.

7:15 An Inquirer editorial states that the Philadelphia Teachers Union needs to accept changes set in motion by Schools Superintendent William Hite.

7:29 Dick Yuengling of the Yuengling Brewery said Pennsylvania should adopt right-to-work policies.

7:42 Chris talks to Leigh Gallagher from Fortune Magazine about her book, The End of the Suburbs.

8:11 Chris revisits yesterday’s interview with Will Bunch of the Philadelphia Daily News.

9:46 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said he hates the Phillies.