By Larry Kane

By Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – This month, I released a new book, the third book I wrote on the Beatles.

It’s called ‘When They Were Boys’ and it takes a look at a variety of different things, from wild nights in Hamburg, Germany to months of despair.

Support from their parents was another topic, but as Paul McCartney remembers, that support was mixed with real concern:

“Because my dad, originally, he just said ‘well you’re never going to make any money being in a group. You may be enjoying yourself, but you still got to have some money to help you live,’ so he said get a job and do it in your spare time.”

I worked on this book for five years and some of the disclosures were surprising, like the reason the first drummer was fired, the struggle for control of the band and the betrayal and friendships that came along the way.

These are all things I never knew when I traveled with the boys on tour after they hit the jackpot.