By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Around 2,500 people, all dressed in white, dined in style Thursday night for an annual pop-up picnic at a surprise Philadelphia location.

Where “Diner En Blanc” would take place might have been the best kept secret in town.

Following up Logan Square last year, was the JFK Bridge at 30th Street Station this year.

“Oh I think it’s terrific. I mean having both directions be so beautiful. And the Cira Center and 30th Street Station,” said Ellen Peters from West Chester. This was her second straight dinner.

“You’re looking right down the Schuylkill River. You’re seeing the trains ride by,” said Michael Murray from South Philadelphia. Murray was with his wife, participating for the first time.

The event is about dressing sharp.

“I am wearing a white laced dress,” said Peters.

“I’ve got a brand new white tie, I’ve got a white hat,” said Murray.

And the good food.

“We’ve got fruit. We have hoagies, wine, poundcake. Sushi,” said Latisha from North Philadelphia.

It was stressful, a lot of diners say, getting the right size table and accessories for example, and getting the all-white outfit down, but at the end, it was all worth it.

“Once you get here it’s a huge release. And it’s so beautiful when you’re here with friends that it’s a magical evening,” said Peters.