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By Ian Bush

By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – An Ocean County boy is getting a lot of attention from the Internet — and from one of the world’s biggest brands — after a video of his invention went viral.

Quinn Sheeran saw a higher purpose for a musical Father’s Day card.

“There are toothbrushes that play music when you brush your teeth.  And I thought it would be a good idea to put it on deodorant.”

So, the Toms River boy ripped out the guts of the greeting card and rigged them to a stick of Old Spice.

“I put the speaker at the bottom of it. I put the battery cartridge above the speaker — right in the bottom of the lid.  There’s coil attached to the cap, and then there’s coil under this one slit. It’s like a metal switch, so when you pull the cap out, the metal switch pulls the coil out and it triggers the music.”

Reporter: “The ‘Rocky’ theme is perfect for this, since advertising for deodorant is all about making men feel more ‘manly’ when they put it on. Have you heard anything from Old Spice about your invention?”

Quinn: “Yes. They’re giving me a 3D printer and a plaque, along with a chest full of all their products. We’re trying to get a commercial out of it, too.”

Some commenters on the tech blogs see Quinn as a future billionaire inventor. For now, he can enjoy the luxury of being 11 years old.

“I’m thinking about being an engineer — that’d be a lot of fun.”

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