PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Just in time for the back to school season, a new survey reveals that youth sports are causing parents a lot of unneeded stress.

The report, which polled more than 400 moms, revealed that the pressure for kids to perform and the grueling practice schedule of some youth sports leagues has mothers on edge.

Not only did 68% of moms say their children’s participating in youth sports caused them to feel stressed, but 24% said it causes conflict with their significant other.

Most moms also say they feel happiest when their children’s sports season is over.

And not only are youth sports causing stress at home, they’re also raising issues on the work front. Sixty-five percent of moms say their kids’ sports schedule interferes with their jobs, and 43% say they are less productive at work due to their children’s youth sports involvement.

The survey, which was commission by i9 Sports, a nationwide youth sports league franchise, also revealed that children might be bearing the brunt of their mother’s sports-induced stress: 24% of moms said they’ve resented their children due to the amount of time their sports commitments require.

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