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By Elizabeth Hur

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The rules of dating have changed over the years — but how much have things really changed when it comes to splitting the check?

A new survey found that some men are actually willing to break up with a woman over this.

Out on a date, truth be told, who doesn’t like being wined and dined? Ok so that’s a no brainer but here’s the million dollar question: Who pays? Men or Women?

According to a recent research titled, “Who Pays for Dates?” :

-39% of women hope men would not ask them to contribute.

-44% of women get annoyed when men expect them to help pay.

-64% of men believe women should contribute.

-76% of men reported feeling guilty taking women’s money.

Nearly half of the men said they would actually stop dating a woman who never pays.

These findings were presented at an American Sociological Association meeting last weekend and we are told more than 17,000 people participated including people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s.

We talked to the study’s co-author Dr. Janet Lever on the phone Thursday night and her message is simple: Ladies, don’t be selfish.

“My message to women is, don’t be a hypocrite. If you’re reaching for your purse and say, ‘Can I help?’ On a first date, because you’re modern then don’t hold it against them if he takes your money,” Dr. Lever said.

The men we talked to? Most said they aren’t afraid to ask.

Ian Duncan of Rittenhouse Square said, “Yea why not? What’s the worst that can happen? Well something bad could happen but who cares? They should ask anyway.”

John Bilinski of Academy House added, “If the other person is not willing to pony up their half, the hell with them. I’m just too old to play those games.”

Dr. Lever concluded if it helps, ladies, men are not expecting that you split the bill 50/50. The study found that men would be happy if women offered to pay a third or even a quarter of the bill.

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