By Cherri Gregg

By Cherri Gregg

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) – A state judge has blocked the implementation of Pennsylvania’s controversial voter ID law for the November election.

In a 13-page opinion, Commonwealth Court Judge Bernard McGinley ruled that Pennsylvania voters will not need to show ID at the polls for the November 5th election, or in any future election, until the court reaches a final decision on the whether to permanently block the law.

The judge also ruled that poll workers cannot tell voters that they will need ID in the next election.

“It was common sense ruling. It showed that he thought carefully about the issues,” Attorney Jennifer Clark said.

Clark represents the voter plaintiffs in the case and says the ruling will prevent confusion at the polls:

“We had at least one person at trial that didn’t vote in May because she thought she wouldn’t be able to. This will end that.”

A spokesperson for the Governor’s Office of General Counsel released the following statement:

“During this summer’s trial regarding Pennsylvania’s Voter ID law, we made it clear to the court that the Commonwealth did not object to delaying the full implementation of photo ID requirements until after the November municipal election.  Judge McGinley’s Order is consistent with our position.

Given the extended nature of the trial, along with the expected post-trial motions and appeals, we believe it was reasonable for the court to continue a preliminary injunction until after the election in order to allow ample time to consider the merits of this case.”

A spokesman for the Department of State says the Commonwealth will continue to educate voters at the polls with written information on how to get an ID.