By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – You’re not the only one with rotten tomatoes. Weather-wise, it’s been a wet, strange summer, which means vegetables you planted might not have grown the way you’d hoped and maybe you’re ready to see what you might harvest this fall? So, it’s time to get things in the ground – or into raised beds or just great big pots, which are what I use.

Cooler autumn temperatures are great for greens – lots of lettuce and chard can thrive up to Thanksgiving and cabbages and kale keep growing into winter. Carrots and beets are good fall crops too – smaller varieties grow happily in containers and mature sooner. It’s getting a little late to start seeds, so look for healthy transplants at garden centers that you can just bring home and put into your soil.

To help you know how to grow all kinds of vegetables at home throughout the year, Penn State has a really handy manual. Get a pdf of it right here: