By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) – The man who has run Florida’s university system will become the next chancellor of the Pennsylvania System of Higher Education, which includes West Chester, Cheyney and twelve other state-owned universities.

Frank Brogan, entering the last year of a five-year contract in Florida, says he was planning to look for a new job anyway. Now he’ll run Pennsylvania’s state-owned university system. Brogan says he emerged from a meeting with Governor Corbett impressed with the governor’s belief in the importance of higher education, despite the fact that Corbett has faced criticism for cutting state funds for higher ed.

“In the vast majority of states around the country, governors have gotten knocked about for cutting dollars to education in general,” Brogan said. “Whether it’s K-12 or whether its higher education, it’s hard to hold things like that against people during the worst recession since the depression.”

Brogan has spent most of his career in education, but also served as lieutenant governor of Florida during the tenure of former Governor Jeb Bush.

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