By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – You may hear a lot about honey bees this week as the Eastern Apicultural Society meets at West Chester University, where over 600 beekeepers will discuss how to keep the threatened honey bees healthy.

You can join in two free events tonight, and then on Saturday, there’s an Urban Hive Crawl from Chestnut Hill to Center City to West Philly. It’s free, you just register at and you’ll get a map so you can choose which hives you want to visit.

And if you think you don’t care about honey bees, realize that without them as pollinators, you couldn’t eat most of your favorite foods. I’m not just talking about apples, almonds, and other fruits and vegetables but even what the cattle feed on so you can have hamburgers!

So, check out the free honey bee events tonight at 7 pm at West Chester’s Sykes Student Union and Saturday’s Urban Hive Crawl too.