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By Mike Dougherty

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Eagles have another practice open to the public at the Linc Monday, and the team wants to remind fans about a new NFL security policy prohibiting purses, backpacks, large bags and seat cushions inside all 32 stadiums.

The season is right around the corner, and the first pre-season game of the year is on Friday. Eagles Vice President of Event Operations Leonard Bonacci says you’ll have to use a clear plastic bag if you want to bring items into the stadium:

“The good news is they haven’t changed anything you’re allowed to bring into a football game. That’s very important for people to understand. You can still bring the same stuff you’ve always brought. It’s just the vessesl in which you bring it needs to change. And that vessel is 12x12x6 and it’s a clear bag.”

The team sent out official Eagles clear bags to all season ticket holders, but Bonacci says that’s not the only option:

“You can just go into your kitchen drawer, grab a one-gallon ziplock bag. Put your items in there — similar to the way you do it at the airport — and it helps to speed up the security screening process. Also it gives us a chance to see what’s inside, to make sure someone is not bringing something into the stadium that shouldn’t be there.”

And women can still bring in small, clutch-style purses.

Bonacci says the NFL’s goal is to provide a safe, enjoyable experience for everyone, and he thinks the new changes should speed up the process of getting into the stadium.


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