By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – With recent reports of E. coli found at a beef processing plant in the Midwest, as well as concerns about bagged lettuce, how are national food problems impacting us here?

Dr. Carrie DeLone, Physician General for Pennsylvania, says illnesses related to bagged lettuce have not reached this part of the country.

“Bagged lettuce has been associated possibly with cases of cyclospora which seem to be concentrated in the middle of the country,” said DeLone. “Fortunately, we have not had any Pennsylvania residents with cyclospora to this point.”

But it doesn’t hurt to be vigilant about vegetable food safety.

“They always need to be washed carefully. Bagged lettuce is already washed, we need to look at expiration dates,” said DeLone.

As for the Kansas beef processing plant where E. coli was detected, she says that was found during a routine check before any cases were linked.

“E. coli meat is a little easier to handle because if you cook your meat well, you’ll kill the E. coli before it can hurt you,” she said.

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