By Lynne Adkins

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Coinciding with World Breastfeeding Week, researchers have released another study in support of the practice.

The newest study, out of Boston, finds that giving your baby only breast milk for at least the first six months will improve the child’s IQ.

For years doctors have said that breastfeeding can help prevent childhood obesity, allergies, and infections.  Still, only a fraction of women follow breastfeeding guidelines.

That failure comes for many reasons, according to Dr. Gail Herrine, an ob-gyn physician at Temple University Hospital.

“Women have a difficult time with supply, women have a difficult time with pain early on in breastfeeding,” she notes.  “One of the biggest humps is women have to go back to work and don’t think they’ll be able to support that breastfeeding.”

She welcomes studies reporting the value of breastfeeding, as they may convince more women to put up with the difficulties for the health of their children.

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