PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Eagles wide receiver was caught on video using a racial slur at a recent Kenny Chesney concert in Philadelphia. Though Cooper apologized for the remarks, and many teammates seemed to back him, inlcuding Michael Vick, Vick’s brother Marcus wasn’t quite as accepting.

“Riley Cooper, your a f_____ng b__ch boy!!! Racist piece of s__t,” Marcus Vick tweeted via his account @MVFive. “Hey I’m putting a bounty on Riley’s head. 1k to the first Free Safety or Strong safety that light his a__ up! Wake him up please….”

VIck later deleted the tweets, and followed with “Ok ok my girl is deleting my Twitter. You guys have fun. Enjoy & be safe I’m out.”

When Michael Vick was asked later about his brother’s comments, he said, “him being my brother, knowing him for so long, it’s hard to defend him saying that. At the same, time, it happened. We talked about it man to man, one on one. We just know that we have to some way move on. It’s a very delicate situation. But we all understand. Somehow we all have to find a way to get past it. That’s maturity in itself.” He also said that he forgives Cooper.