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By Elizabeth Hur

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Thieves got away with tens of thousands of dollars from an ATM in Philadelphia after creating a clever way to break into a bank.

They weren’t about to let anything stand in their way.

As it turns out, a wall literally stood between the bandits and the money. Police say the thieves broke through the wall to get to their loot.

According to Philadelphia Police, $60,000 disappeared from an ATM after someone, somehow broke through the wall of the property next door.

Rosemary Aleman, bank customer said, “It’s crazy. It’s really crazy. It’s movie-style.”

Philadelphia police, together with the FBI, are now on the hunt for the bandits, turning to neighbors in the meantime for clues.

Amanda Kieffer of Frankford recalled being asked, “If I’d seen anything that the bank got robbed, they actually went through the door I think through the wall.”

Keiffer says she saw investigators dusting for fingerprints on the back door where it is apparent someone forced their way in. It’s a property that sits vacant next to the PNC bank in the 4300 block of Frankford Avenue. Once inside, police tell us the persons responsible broke through the wall into the ATM room and breached the machine — which remains temporarily closed due to “renovations.”

Police were called to the bank on Monday just before 9 a.m. Investigators say they are now reviewing surveillance video, including ones from neighboring businesses to zero in on their suspects.

Jose Ramos of Frankford said, “Yea that’s crazy, that’s real crazy because that’s the first time I heard someone breaking into an ATM.”

Brandon Seals, bank customer added, “This is crazy. Hard times people do desperate things when it’s hard times. At least nobody got hurt.”

FBI agents are the lead investigators in this case. Officials tell Eyewitness News there may be a reward for information leading to the capture and conviction of the persons responsible. They stress, tipsters can remain anonymous.

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