By John Ostakovich

MEDIA, Pa. (CBS) — A part-time Darby Township police officer is under arrest today, facing charges of kidnapping and other offenses.

Christopher Howard Scott, 33, has been charged with first-degree felony kidnapping.

According to officials, Scott is charged in two cases involving two 23-year-old women, both of whom had been drinking over the weekend and both of whom, according to Delaware County DA Jack Whelan, encountered Officer Scott.

In both cases, says the DA, Scott took them to a park known as Kroll Park — out of his juristiction and in Springfield Township — did a field sobriety test, put them in and out of the back of the patrol car, and kept asking pointedly, “What can you do for me so I can let you go?”

It should be noted for the record that neither woman did anything and both were eventually let go, and both were completely shaken.

And, according to officials, both women were not planning to report their encounter with Scott except for an extraordinary coincidence:  the boyfriend of victim #1 had gone to that park, looking to check out her story and see where it happened, and runs across Officer Scott with victim #2.  He called the cops immediately.

The police officer was being arraigned this afternoon and authorities are looking for anybody else who might have suffered similar circumstances at the hands of Scott.