By Nan Talleno

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – We’re right in the middle of summer, enjoy the season with your companion animals safely.

If you’re heading down the shore and to the beach and need to stock up on some more sun and sand essentials, the ASPCA offers great summer gear that ultimately benefits companion animals in need. There’s everything from tote bags to folding chairs to towels and caps, as well as pet first aid kits.

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When sharing the outdoors with your pets, keep them hydrated with plenty of water. Keep their time outdoors to a minimum and preferably in the shade. Use a sprinkler or a wading pool to safely allow your dog a way to cool off at his/her own pace while enjoying some exercise and playtime too.

For a delicious summertime treat, try freezing chicken broth in ice cube trays. Let your dog enjoy them in an area that won’t make a mess. It’s a healthy snack that also cools them down and at the same time dogs seem to love playing with them as much as they like eating them.