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By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Penn Medicine is hosting its first medical school camp for high school students from around the world.

This is the third of a four week program where 55 high school students with a curiosity in biology and medicine participated in the camp at Penn’s Simulation Center at the Rittenhouse location.

Many enjoyed the lectures on things like adolescent physiology and cardiology. Matt, 16, from North Jersey says the hands-on exercises are interesting too.

“Like suturing, doing like stitches on pigs feet yesterday, that was cool,” he said.

Virtual surgery exercises were also given the thumbs up by the teenagers. Jose, 16,  is from Venezuela.

Jose, 16, from Venezuela. (credit: John McDevitt/KYW)

Jose, 16, from Venezuela. (credit: John McDevitt/KYW)

“This lets us learn how to do the stuff instead of just seeing it in textbooks,” he said.

Dr. Gregg Lispchik heads up the program.

“This is our next group of surgeons and dentists and radiologists and nurses and internists,” said Dr. Lispchik. “They should see what it’s like and I think if we make it challenging and enjoyable,  they’ll really get something out of it.”

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