By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – One thing you can say about all the rain we’ve had (OK, a lot of things we could say, but not here) at least the weeds are easier to pull.

That’s handy since the weeds are also growing like crazy, particularly in those spots where you wonder how anything could ever grow; between bricks, in driveways, or crammed in a crevice between a concrete wall and a curb. But, lots of those seeds in tight places have managed to sprout, and with all this rain, they’re surprisingly easy to pull by hand – just a steady tug they come out, roots and all.

You couldn’t do it quicker with a torch or any poison, and when it’s raining so often, it’s smart to be extra careful with herbicides, because the next rain can wash those toxic chemicals down into the water system.

So while the rain is giving us so many weeds, at least they’re easier to yank out. But really, enough already, we could do with a little less water and way fewer weeds.

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