By Paul Kurtz

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There will be all stars all over Citi Field in New York Tuesday night for Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game. The stadium concessionaire Aramark has sent its top vendors to work the stands, and one of them works at Citizens Bank Park.

“It’s been an honor,” said Ted Schoening. “It’s humbling.”

Schoening is one of 11 vendors from around the Major Leagues to be selected by Aramark as the best in the business, though he’s not entirely sure why.

“What they do is pretty much just by your record,” he said. “I don’t know if it’s from customers or supervisors, but pretty much as a collective agreement they all decide who they thought embodied what Aramark represented that year.”

You can catch this popular vendor hawking beer along the left field line at Phillies games.

But what makes him so special?

“I just have the old fashioned work ethic,” Schoening said. “I just try to be friendly, do to people what you’d like to have them do to you. I’m not a big shtick person. I’m not spinning cases on my head like some of these guys can do. That’s not my talent. My talent is just to be friendly and talk to some guys.”

And when Schoening is not selling beer at the ballpark, he’s working his day job as a teacher at Highland Regional High School in Gloucester Township.