By Syma Chowdhry

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Some children in Philadelphia playing at a spray ground had the right idea about staying cool.

But another at risk group is senior citizens, and there are many ways they can get help.

“Sometimes, a senior’s body isn’t going to tell them early enough that they are not dealing well with the heat,” says Chris Gallagher, of the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging. “Other times, it is a matter of people living along and not having someone to say, ‘You know, you don’t look good.’”

But the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging has a heat line that seniors can call for tips on staying cool.

And Gallagher says there is a nurse on-hand to answer questions.

“If need be, the city can send out a mobile team to the person’s location to take vital signs, to look at their living environment, see what they could do to help,” Gallagher explains.

Eighty-three-year-old Betty Grassinger is prepared for the high temperatures. She either sits in her air conditioned house or stays in the shade.

“I drink a lot of fluids,” Grassinger says.

But most importantly, she has a support system.

“The block here? I have every neighbor every day come and ask me what I’m doing. Are you alright? Are you cool?” she laughs.

And even having a fan running doesn’t mean you’ll stay cool.

“It has to be used with doors and windows open for it to be properly ventilated, because you can create a convention open effect if you close all the doors and windows,” Gallagher warns.

The Philadelphia Corporation for Aging’s heat line phone number is: 215-765-9040.