By Carol Erickson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The heat isn’t just in the kitchen this summer.

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This week will be the hottest so far in Philadelphia this summer as another heat wave begins.

Expect to find temperatures in the 90’s all week, feeling more like 100 plus as the humidity wraps in.

An excessive heat warning takes effect starting noon on Monday and will probably be reissued throughout the week.

Of all the weather disasters – tornados, hurricanes, lightning, floods, etc. – heat is the deadliest.

Pennsylvania made it to number three on a list no state wants to be on; with the most heat related deaths.

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Seventeen people died from the heat in 2012, with non air conditioned houses being a major cause.

Take this heat seriously. Invite over friends and neighbors to cool off at your place, make a call, take a call, be there to help.

And, take the safety of your pets just as seriously. They need the same heat precautions as the rest of us. Make it a habit not to take kids and pets in the cars with this heat, unless the car is running and you don’t leave them or forget them for one second.

This is the order of cooling for anything that breathes: air conditioning, fans, all day shade and cool water for consuming and splashing are all required as we trudge through this hot summer.

Uncomfortable is one thing, deadly is another. Keep safe.

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