By John Ostapkovich

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The political divide in the U.S. has created gridlock in the nation’s capital, with immigration reform and the sequester among the matters stuck. But there is a glimmer of a movement to find compromise.

Brooklyn College Economics Professor Robert Cherry has a manual for the Third Way movement, which depends on the political poles accepting some big goals of the other side.

“You [have to] make it clear to conservatives that accepting personal responsibility and efficiency issues, you know to some extent, is just as much a problem [as] the left wing of the democratic party that do not want to look at issues of personal responsibility, do not want to look at issues of efficiency very much,” she explains.

Cherry, author of Moving Working Families Forward: Third Way Policies that Can Work, says the meet-in-the-middle theme includes government help for those who need it, but ways to prove they do, and to test the overall spending of any program against its results; a sort of bang for the buck.