By Suzanne Monaghan

PRINCETON, N.J. (CBS) — It’s been said that “Love is grand, but divorce is a hundred grand.”

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Now, however, smartphones are helping people become smarter about the legal ins and outs of ending a marriage.

There are apps that calculate child support, help people navigate custody,  determine divorce costs, and provide guidance specifically for men or women.

“Divorce is a very sensitive process, and when people are starting to investigate the process they aren’t necessarily talking to a lot of people,” notes Eric Solotoff, co-chair of the family law group at Fox Rothschild.  He was involved in developing the recently released New Jersey Divorce App.

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Solotoff says the goal was to help people get informed and get organized without getting overwhelmed:

“It gives them more information, for people to start to look for and assemble the documentation that they’re going to need if they are going to go through the process.  And the app allows you to e-mail that information that you’ve just assembled to your lawyer.”

Key features include a finance tracker, an asset identifier, and legal information.

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