By Dr. Marciene Mattleman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The New York Times Charles M. Blow reports that the past decade has been one of stagnation with regard to child welfare. Referring to a report by Child Trends with estimates of a hypothetical class of 100 high school graduates this June, the numbers are depressing.

Seventy one have experienced physical assault, 28 have been victimized sexually and 16 carried a weapon in the past year. Sixty-four have had sexual intercourse and three or four young women have been or are pregnant.

Twenty-nine have been bullied, physically or emotionally, and 18 have thought seriously about attempting suicide; six went through with it. Thirty-four are overweight and 22 are living in poverty, 10 in deep poverty,

Blow exhorts our leaders to look at the protection and healthy development of our nation’s children, not only as a humanitarian issue, but as a moral imperative. His title… “These Children Are Our Future.”

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