PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A new study has found that eating two large meals a day, rather than six small meals, leads to more weight loss.

According to CBS News, the study focused on obese people with Type 2 Diabetes.

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In an interview with CBS This Morning, Dr. Mitchell Roslin, chief of obesity surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, says that people are better off splitting their daily intake of calories into two meals rather than six.

However, he says that obesity studies having to do with diabetes don’t necessarily transfer to those who are obese without diabetes.

“You have to separate between diabetics and non-diabetics,” says Dr. Roslin, “The best treatment for Type 2 Diabetes is to change your eating habits and eat less, and weight loss is a very, very important point.”

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Dr. Roslin points out that most nutritionists say when people go long periods without eating they tend to eat more because they’re hungrier. He says the new study does not answer this question.

“If you eat multiple small meals a day it doesn’t speed up your metabolism, which is one of the things people hear. But the idea of eating multiple small meals a day is that you don’t get ravenously hungry and therefore overeat,” Dr. Roslin explains.

He says the study fixes the total number of calories, which is easy for an institution but difficult in real life. He also says that they are finding that calories are different and eating less simple carbohydrates – white bread, flour, sugars and white rice – would be better.

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