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By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It makes sense, but now there’s proof. Studies show that children are more likely to eat foods that they helped to grow.

Kids are naturally curious and like to play outside, so sticking seeds in soil, watching them sprout and seeing flowers turn into food is an easy way to spark children’s interest in gardening and stimulate their appetites.

I say start small – don’t plan a huge garden and make your kids turn the soil, fertilize and hoe long rows. And if you want them to enjoy gardening, don’t begin by making them weed – if you don’t like weeding why would they? Instead, why not fill a plant pot or two, and let each child pick a few foods to go with meals they like – tomatoes for tacos, peppers for pizza, or just a couple of cucumbers or carrots.

Keep it simple, let them help plant and keep things watered – then just watch.

Most children are proud to present their produce at the dinner table come harvest time – and pretty pleased to taste what they grew too.

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