By David Madden

RADNOR, Pa. (CBS) — Objections over the use of Native Americans as mascots for sports teams have prompted one suburban high school to retire theirs.

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Students at Radnor High School will still be known as “Red Raiders,” but the costume that, until the last few years, was a fixture at football and basketball games is gone. Acting Radnor superintendent Tony Costello says no one on the school board, nor the district administration, pushed for the change.

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“The high school reported out and said ‘we’re still Red Raiders.’ There are still appropriate pictures of Indians throughout the district,” Costello says. “In fact, even on the athletic wear you’ll see feathers on the (letter) ‘R.'”

He says students and Radnor High School officials jointly made the call. The district, in a press release, labels the action “a balance between maintaining tradition and respecting all people,” but not everyone is thrilled with the change.

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