By: Dray Clark

CHESTER, Pa., (CBS) – Rasty Covert’s family is still trying to understand how and why so something so tragic could happen to Rasty.

The boy just walking home from the store, doing what kids do every day –  but his path home reached a tragic point when a truck hit and killed the 10-year-old (See Previous Story).

“Rasty was a child that lived life to the fullest,” said grandmother Patricia Covert.

Patricia Covert has memories and moments that she can cherish for the rest of her life.

What she wants most is to hear her grandson’s voice and feel his warm embrace.

But 10-year-old Rasty Covert is never coming home again and it hurts because no one had a chance to say goodbye to the young, vibrant boy who died almost instantly on this corner in Chester.

“I was told that car hit Rasty first, then it hit the other little boy and Rasty didn’t get up,” said his grandmother.

Monday afternoon, the drivers of this red pickup truck and this burgundy car collided at 9th and Highland Avenue.

The vehicles jumped the curb and Rasty and his 11-year-old friend Tyvaun Frison, who has an injured leg.

“The person that was driving the car tried to turn but he hit me. Red truck hit Rasty,” said Tyvaun.

Rasty died where he collapsed.

A week ago he was getting awards for his academic achievement in school and looking forward to the summer.

Today, his family is planning Rasty’s funeral.

“I closed his eyes for him. He’s at peace. He can’t talk to me now but I talk to him and I know he’s okay,” said his grandmother.

Family members say Rasty lived to love others like his younger sister Zena.

He died at the young age of 10, but Rasty Covert made impressions on people that will last a life time.

“I’m going to miss you baby, but we will meet again in our permanent home and we all love you ad miss you,” said grandmother Sharon Walker.

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