By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Ooooh, how pretty, that garden could win an award! Well, here’s your chance.

It’s time to enter The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s annual City Gardens Contest which has been celebrating the success of local gardeners for nearly 40 years!

Almost any kind of gardener can enter, from individuals like you with a front or back yard garden, vegetable garden, or one grown completely in containers. Then there are categories for commmunity vegetable or flower gardens, parks, tree-lined streets, garden blocks, and urban farms; as well as green roofs; rain gardens, xeriscapes, water gardens and stormwater management; plus gardens featuring native plants, as well as art in the garden, and recycled materials.

And, there are several winners in each category, so you have a good chance to be among those honored at the awards reception later this year. To enter, hit the link – but don’t dawdle, the deadline is June 30th.