By Dr. Marciene Mattleman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The blue and white stick figure in a wheelchair leaning back passively in comfortable repose on signs designates ”handicapped,” and for years there have been efforts to replace it.

Now a determined group at Gordon College in Massachusetts has developed a new logo using a design by Sara Hendren, a design student at Harvard, a friend of Brian Glenney, the Gordon assistant professor leading the effort.

And the City of New York has agreed to use the Gordon-inspired logo showing a stick figure with active arms leaning forward, a participant not a dependent. Tested over parking signs on campus, then tried stickers all over Boston, not only will New York adopt it for use, but its taxis might as well.

The hope is that the image is much more than a logo, but a societal reappraisal of who these people are and what they need.

Read more in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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