By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A new website has been making the rounds, putting faces to some of the 3,783 School District of Philadelphia employees who were given pink slips last week.

The design of is fairly simple. The website shows profile pictures of a number of school district employees who could lose their jobs on July 1st and brief write-ups telling their stories.

“They are a beloved educator, they’re a teacher, they’re a secretary, they’re a counselor – So many people are not just teachers but really invaluable parts of their school community,” explains Larissa Pahomov, a Science Leadership Academy english teacher and member of Teacher Action Group Philadelphia, which runs the site.

So far, around 100 employees are profiled with their stories coming from their colleagues. When you click on each entry, contact information is listed for public officials. People are urged to get a hold of them in the push for more state and city funding.

“Hopefully the viewers of the site think, ‘Ok, I can call one person to help this individual keep their job and keep these school communities whole,'” Pahomov said.

The website is still taking submissions and Pahomov said they would like to get at least one story from each and every school.