By Kim Glovas

COATESVILLE, Pa. (CBS) — Another black bear has been spotted in Solebury Township (Bucks County).

Last Saturday evening around 7 o’clock, the black bear was spotted down by the Delaware River, near Armitage and River Roads.

Solebury Township police chief Dominick Bellizzie warns that residents should not attempt to feed it or get near it — just call police.

“We’ll try and get somebody out there to tranquilize it and take it away,” Bellizzie said today.  “We do get a lot in this area, so it’s not an uncommon for the people in this neighborhood.”

He says this is the second or third bear spotted in Solebury Township this year. Residents are urged to remove garbage cans, bird feeders, and other food sources that may attract a bear.

Bellizzie says if you do see a bear unexpectedly, back away slowly and call authorities at 215-348-7400.