By Brad Segall

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — A Bucks County man was convicted today of third-degree murder in connection with a high-speed crash on the Route 611 bypass last November that killed a nine-year-old girl and left her grandmother in a wheelchair.

After two days of testimony, a Bucks County judge found 38-year-old Drew Bodden of Plumstead guilty of the murder of Holly Huynh.

The little girl was sitting in the back seat of her grandmother’s car on Thanksgiving Eve when Bodden’s Mustang Cobra hit from behind, pushing the bumper into the car.  The grandmother, Suzanne Berry, suffered massive injuries and was left paralyzed.

Bucks County prosecutor Bob James says Bodden may have been racing with another car:

“It came a point where the defendant made a conscious decision to blow by that car — that car was traveling at approximately 80 miles per hour when the defendant blew by him at at least 120 miles per hour.”

James believes the family got a little bit of justice in the courtroom but says that nothing the court system can do can make them whole again.

Bodden faces a maximum 40 years behind bars, although the guidelines call for six to 20 years.