By Tony Hanson

By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A federal jury in Philadelphia has returned the death penalty, 13 separate death sentences, against convicted drug kingpin and mass murderer Kaboni Savage.

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Kaboni Savage showed no emotion as the jury imposed the 13 death sentences, 12 linked to individual victims, one linked to the jury’s finding Savage retaliated against a witness by killing the witness’s family. The witness’s mother, infant son and four others were killed in the 2004 firebombing that rocked the city and the criminal justice system.

Savage did not testify in this trial, but during an earlier case, in which he was convicted of drug trafficking, Savage was confronted by the prosecutor with secretly recorded tapes in which he threatened witnesses and their families.

This jury also heard tapes of Savage threatening witnesses, planning the firebombing from prison and now it has ordered him to pay for his crimes with his life.

A defense attorney declined comment.

The judge is expected to formally impose the death sentences, the first ever imposed in this federal district.

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